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WASHINGTON: India is strategically one and needs the help of the United States in its ongoing fight against Covid-19, top lawmakers said and urged the Biden administration to share additional vaccines with the country.
American intellectual property and innovation must be protected while at the same time helping friends and allies, He also said.
“India, a strategic ally, needs our help in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. Our abundant vaccine supply gives us the opportunity to help our allies around the world, where help is most needed,” said Congressman Brad Weinstrup.
He tweeted, Operation Warp Speed delivered safe and effective vaccines in record time,


“We must always protect American innovation and IP, as well as help our friends around the world,” Weinstrup said.
it is important to continue sharing additional vaccines to help friends and important allies. Congressman Jim Costa said that as India battles its COVID-19 crisis, This brutal pandemic would require global cooperation, he said a return to normalcy.
So many US Congressmen and senators have come out in support of India and urged the Biden administration to support it.
To make them aware of the ground reality of India, The Indian Embassy here is contacting MPs

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