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New Delhi: Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of disagreement over a “flawed” vaccine policy, the Congress on Tuesday said the changes made by him still fall short of the need for a “free and universal” vaccination policy and that the jabs for it are free. urged to do All.
Addressing a press conference, Congress veteran Jairam Ramesh waved the letter written by former PM Manmohan Singh to Modi on April 18 in which he said that the Center should buy vaccines and distribute them to the states. Ramesh said Singh had demanded that vaccines be distributed to states “based on specified criteria” to avoid “discrimination among states”.
Ramesh said no state was in favor of the flawed changes made in April and even the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health had demanded central procurement, accusing Modi of “distorting facts”.
Pointing out that a united opposition issued statements demanding free and universal immunization on May 2 and 12, he said Modi should be corrected on Monday due to the Supreme Court’s strictures as well as resentment over the Centre’s policy. was forced to.


However, the Congress functionary said that the Center should also scrap the policy of 25% vaccines for private hospitals, which will be paid by the beneficiaries. Ramesh claimed that half of the 25% of vaccines for private hospitals were monopolized by nine large hospitals located in major cities.
Ramesh asked the government to explain how it would meet the target of immunization of 100 crore Indians by December, stating that in May 16 lakh doses were given per day which is less than 30 lakh doses given daily in April. It was done “Now, we have to give 8 million doses daily to meet the December deadline,” he said, adding that “Modi believes in headlines, not time limits. He made a headline, that’s it.”
He demanded that the government convene Parliament to take supplementary grants for vaccination as the report said Rs 50,000 crore would be spent against Rs 35,000 crore announced in the budget. “There is money in the country. 20,000 crore is being spent on Central Vista.
Seeking complete exemption of Cowin registration, Ramesh said that walk-in vaccination and free vaccines should be the norm.

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