Gaurav Chopraa implores fans to wear masks, take Covid-19 seriously: ‘I have lost out a lot, because of this’ – tv

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Actor Gaurav Chopraa, who recently lost both his parents to Covid-19, has urged fans to be careful and wear masks all the time as the disease is life threatening, Posting a new video on his Instagram Stories, Gaurav urged everyone to take the virus seriously.

Seen leaning on a wall while dressed in formals, Gaurav is heard saying in the video, “We have more than a 100 thousand cases in the country. The disease is such that there are many, many people who don’t have symptoms so they don’t even know. There are many cases that don’t get reported. Then there are doubts about how much the government even shows, please don’t take this lightly.”

“I have lost out a lot, because of this and I want to implore and request all of you. Please take this very, very seriously, please wear masks. Wherever I go, no one wears them. It is either below their nose or hanging from the neck. When they start talking, and they feel obstruction, they take it down. Please stand in distances, please avoid going to crowded places. Please avoid just going out if it can be avoided. Don’t be in a situation where you have to pay a huge price for some silly complacency,” he added.


Gaurav lost his mother last month and his father too died ten days later after being the hospital for days for coronavirus. About his loss, he had written in an Instagram post, “My Hero. My idol. My inspiration. .Will I ever manage to be a millionth of a man that he was ? Don’t think so.. The ideal man , the ideal son,the ideal brother, a man who always put family above EVERYTHING else. An ideal father …it took me 25 years to even come to terms with the fact that all fathers are not like him.. That he was special.”

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“I was blessed..and as his son that’s the legacy I have inherited…loved and respected so so much more than I ever will be..a celebrity in its true terms. As a child , me walking down the street or the market always knew that I was recognised as his son. By all. That the shopkeeper will greet me and take lesser money because I was his son…was something that i was used to.. This : when he didn’t even know of their existence.”

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