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Delhi-NCR begins prepping for third wave: All hands on deck!


From adopting a healthier diet to switching back to N95 masks, staying safe has become a priroty for Delhiites yet again. Amid the rising number of Covid cases, many households are making sure they are prepared for the third wave.

From sun drying washed vegetables to stocking up on some essentials, Delhiites are busy prepping up for the third Covid wave.

It’s no longer far fetched to assume that we are on the brink of the third wave. Looking at the rapid speed with which Covid cases are increasing in Delhi-NCR, it would be difficult to think otherwise. But that doesn’t mean that the residents are throwing themselves into a state of frenzy of hoarding up! Having been through the many lockdowns in the past, many say they are now aware of how to cope up with what’s needed and what’s not, when indoors.

Convincing house helps to stay over

A big part of prepping for the third wave has been about being cautious as to who comes home, says Pooja Saran, a make up artist from Greater Kailash. “I have a part time nanny and since the cases have increased in the city, I have requested her to stay with us if the number continue to grow at the same speed. I need to make sure that the kids are take care of, so that I can continue my work, but at the same time I can’t risk anyone coming in from outside at this point of time. Also, it’s also not safe for her to travel everyday.

N95 masks only

Neha Godara, a Gurugram-based chartered accountant, says she is back to masking up properly whenever stepping out. “The Covid cases had reduced so much that I, like many others, had started wearing cloth masks and was using those ones only even when outdoors. Now, however, I’ve purchased a fresh lot of N 95 masks, which are the best to keep the virus at bay as per the medical experts.

Nutritious diet to fight the virus

After several rounds of ordering in momos, pizza, biryani and what not, Delhiites are finally shifting their focus to some healthy eating. “It all starts with what we eat,” says Meeta, a Dwarka-based nutrionist, who is making sure that her family follows an immunity boosting diet. “We have stopped consuming outside food, processed foods and even reduced sugar intake in all forms. We have also increased the consumption of green vegetables. My entire family now drinks juice of natural giloy, every morning on an empty stomach.

Not hoarding, but stocking up

Saloni Kachru, an HR professional from Gurugram, says she and her partner have cut down on the number of rounds to the supermarket. “We are making sure to buy all the essentials we need in one go, so that we don’t require to step out again and again or even order online every day. Some might feel that it’s early to do this, but I feel the earlier we are in keeping ourselves enclosed, the better will be in stopping the spread of virus at an unimagined level. Of course this doesn’t mean that you start hoarding stuff like people did last time!

Sanitising and sun drying mode on

Dimple Kumar, a blogger from Safdarjung Enclave, has got back to sanitising everything before allowing it to come inside her house. “We have all heard that this Omicron has a rare transmission from the surfaces, but why take a chance? So, I’m back to sun drying all the vegetables that I buy. After washing them thoroughly, I spread them in the balcony, and alongside soak in some winter sun myself. I’m also sanitising the other packed groceries that we order online. It is indeed a time consuming process, but nothing is more satisfying than knowing that your hygiene quotient is on point,” she says.

Meeting family sans parties

Health comes before anything, says Garima Jain, a homemaker from Noida, adding, “I’m now setting out to meet just my parents and my in laws, at the moment. This is a tough time and we need to be very careful and not oganise dinner or get-togethers because the person who is carrying the virus is mostly not even aware of it, and that makes the situation very dangerous. In my family, we have decided to not have too many people together, whenever we meet now. If sacrificing a little fun, by avoiding social gatherings and meeting, can help us stay healthy, then it’s nothing as compared to the cost of falling sick and recovering.

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