Caught on cam: ‘Drunk’ cop creates ruckus in Chandigarh – chandigarh

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After a video showing a head constable verbally abusing and thrashing people with a hockey stick in Sector 32, Chandigarh, went viral on social media, the Chandigarh police department has initiated a probe into the incident.

The police personnel in the video was identified as Rajbir Singh, who claimed that he is the driver of Inspector Sher Singh who is the station house officer of Sector 3 police station.

Rajbir Singh, in uniform, had parked his car right in the middle of the main road in Sector 32, Chandigarh, and in the supposedly inebriated state is seen verbally abusing people and tried to hit them with a hockey stick when asked to remove the wrongly parked vehicle.

Head Constable, Rajbir said that the video is of Wednesday and the wire of the clutch of his vehicle had got snapped, thus the vehicle stopped right in the middle of the road. He alleged that a group of 4-5 persons was unnecessarily arguing with him.

“We are inquiring into the matter,” said SSP Vineet Kumar.

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